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Planned Communities: A Tool to Control Sprawl, or Encourage It?

April 10, 2018
11:45 am - 1:15 pm
The Crystal Ballroom
Hoff Building
802 W. Bannock
Boise, ID

Guest Speakers are Jerome Mapp, Planning and Facility Management; Doug Fowler, LeNir Development; and Brandy Wilson, Barber Valley Neighborhood

Planned communities have historically been a mixed bag: sometimes what’s on paper becomes reality; sometimes it doesn’t. Some developers earn the trust and collaboration of residents; others don’t. Some projects are excellent examples of urban growth, while others simply add to urban sprawl and burden existing infrastructure and neighborhoods. How do you get it right, and how can citizens get engaged to shape our communities? Please join us to explore the opportunities and pitfalls of planned communities from the perspectives of three speakers from the front lines:

Jerome Mapp, Planning & Facility Management, former Boise City Mayor and Council Member (year-to-year) with over 40 years of direct engagement in Treasure Valley growth

Doug Fowler, LeNir Development, developer representative for Harris Ranch, the first Specific Area Plan adopted by Boise City into ordinance. Honored by Partners for Livable Communities with the national Bridge Builders Award in 2015 for collaborative planning.

Brandy Wilson, Barber Valley Neighborhood Association Board, formerly served as Ada County Area of Impact Representative to the Boise City Planning and Zoning Commission (2004-2012).

Moderator: Dr. Dick Gardner
Forum Chairs: Dr. Dick Gardner and Brandy Wilson

Radio Boise will record and broadcast the forum

The Andrus Center for Public Policy and the Idaho Environmental Forum will co-sponsor a free lecture by Gary Machlis, a professor of environmental sustainability at Clemson University and former University of Idaho College of Forestry professor. Machlis is co-author of the book “The Future of Conservation in America: A Chart for Rough Water,” along with Jon Jarvis, the former Director of the National Park Service. The lecture will be at the Boise State University Special Events Center, after work hours, with free parking in the Lincoln Garage. Watch for our email announcements for more information.


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