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Wildlife Migration at the Cross-Roads – Solving Idaho’s Wildlife/Human Conflicts

March 26, 2019
11:45 am - 1:15 pm
The Crystal Ballroom
Hoff Building
802 w. Bannock
Boise, ID

Guest Speakers:
Gregg Servheen, Wildlife Program Coordinator for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Wildlife migration is an important component in the ecology of many of Idaho’s iconic species. Wildlife migrate for nutrition, health, reproduction and to insure their survival. Today’s technology, such as GPS collars, and science are moving the idea of connectivity and wildlife migration from theoretical to specific guidance and real world, on-the-ground conservation actions. But even with an improved scientific understanding, managing for and sustaining wildlife migration in Idaho across transportation systems, differing land ownerships, and the emerging threats from climate change present new challenges.

With a focus on the intersection of wildlife migration and Idaho’s highways, this session will discuss the status of existing science, ongoing efforts in Idaho and across the west, and approaches now being used to preserve, protect, and perpetuate Idaho’s wildlife. Examples will be provided on the latest wildlife crossing technologies and science, including changes to Idaho transportation systems.

Gregg Servheen, Wildlife Program Coordinator for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, is our speaker. For over 30 years, Gregg’s work has focused on wildlife mitigation, habitat protection, decision support systems, and collaborative solutions. Gregg has worked closely with other local, state, and federal agencies on wildlife migration research and solutions for minimizing conflicts.

Join us for a fascinating and important forum on wildlife migration and its conflicts with the human environment.

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