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Board of Directors


Teri Murrison
Idaho Soil & Water Conservation

Vice President/Forum Chair

Elli Brown
Idaho National Labroratory


Marie Kellner
Idaho Conservation League



Jennifer Visser
Idaho Power


Chris Meyer
Givens Pursley LLP


Andy Brunelle
U.S. Forest Service

Brayden Jensen
Idaho Farm Bureau Federation

Tim Murphy
Idaho Dept. Fish & Game


Mike Murray
HDR Engineering, Inc.

Scott Pugrud
Idaho Power

Jen Schneider
Boise State University


Brandy Wilson
J.R. Simplot Company




Jacq Landa Herring
IEF Manager
Herring House, LLC

Tammie Harvey
Website Administrator


Forum Shorts

The Reorganization of the BLM

From Idaho to Mars

Idaho Agriculture & COVID-19

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