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Sponsorship Letter

As someone who has attended an Idaho Environmental Forum ("IEF") luncheon, we're writing to ask you or your organization to join our list of sponsors. Sponsors enable us to provide monthly forums, our annual Legislative Forecast, and our Boise River Conference and Float Trip for a reasonable price, encouraging participation by a diverse representation of Idaho citizens.

From our first forum in 1989, we have brought together professionals to promote discourse on a broad range of environmental policies affecting Idaho, from the local to the national scale. The 2012 Boise River Conference focused on the challenges of protecting life and property from floods. Our October forum hosted Anne Castle, Assistant Secretary for Water and Science in the Department of the Interior. Next week you have an opportunity to participate in a discussion of the 2012 fire season. We invite you to look at the archive on our website to review past forum topics and our list of current sponsors. We apply to the Idaho State Bar Association for Continuing Legal Education ("CLE") credits for all our forums and events and are an important source of information and education on natural resource and environmental topics.

If you are an employee or member of one of our current sponsors, please encourage them to continue or increase their level of sponsorship for 2013. If you believe our forums, Boise River Conference, and Legislative Forecast have benefited you and our community, please consider joining as a sponsor yourself. We have added a new level, "Friend", to recognize all our sponsors.

Our Legislative Forecast is scheduled January 16, 2013. Please remember that your sponsorship does not endorse any position with respect to any topics explored. Sponsorship levels are: Sustaining ($1,000 and above), Fellows ($500), Supporters ($250), Colleagues ($100), and Friends (less than $100).

You have several options for payment. You can:
•Send a check to IEF, P.O. Box 8224, Boise, ID 83707.
•Use PayPal to pay by credit card

If you have any questions, suggestions for topics, or would like to discuss any aspect of sponsorship please contact a member of the steering committee or email ief@idahoenvironmentalforum.org. Thank you for your support!

Sincerely, The Steering Committee

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IEF Sponsorship Opportunity

There are always opportunities to sponsor our organization. Click here to sponsor now!

We recently received our 501C3 designation which allows sponsorships and donations to be tax deductible.

Thanks to our existing sponsors for their continued support!

CLE Credits: Available pending approval from the ISB.