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Mining a Makeover: Unearthing the Ore in Idaho's Surface Mining Act Amendments

April 29, 2019
11:45 am - 1:15 pm
The Crystal Ballroom
Hoff Building
802 w. Bannock
Boise, ID

Guest Speakers:
Jonathan Oppenheimer, Idaho Conservation League
Eric Wilson, Idaho Department of Lands
Ben Davenport, Idaho Mining Association

This year, our legislature amended Idaho's Surface Mining Act. It is the biggest amendment of the law since it was enacted in 1971. The act was created to protect the taxpayers and the lands of Idaho by providing for reclamation activities and reclamation bonds for lands disturbed by surface mining activities. The changes include:

  • Addressing the surface impacts of underground mines and providing for actual cost estimation of reclamation and related environmental activities.
  • Updating financial assurance methods, requiring financial assurance for reclamation and long-term post closure management activities, requiring reclamation plan and financial assurance reviews, and ensuring that there will be no duplication in financial assurances between government agencies.
  • Ability for the Department of Lands to require reasonable fees to pay for any additional workload associated with the proposed changes.

Join the IEF for a lunchtime panel on Monday, April 29 when we'll hear perspectives from Jonathan Oppenheimer, the Idaho Conservation League's Government Relations Director; Eric Wilson, the Idaho Department of Lands' Mineral Programs Manager; and Ben Davenport, the Idaho Mining Association's Executive Director. Together these voices will address current reclamation and financial assurance processes; answer the "why now" for reforming Idaho’s mining laws; discuss the bills pros and cons; and explain what implementation of the legislation will look like.

Forum Chair - Elli Brown, Marie Kellner, Jen Visser
Form Moderator - Erika Malmen


Registration Deadline - Thursday, April 25th at 12:00 pm



April 29, 2019

Mining a Makeover: Unearthing the Ore in Idaho's Surface Mining Act Amendments

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