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Idaho’s Disappearing Farm and Ranch Lands: A Looming Crisis?

December 3, 2019
11:45 am - 1:15 pm
The Crystal Ballroom
Hoff Building
802 w. Bannock
Boise, ID

Guest Speakers:

Amos Eno, President, LandCan
Merrill Beyeler, Lemhi Land Trust Board
Josie Erskine, Ada County Soil and Water Conservation District

As Idaho grows, farmers and ranchers are increasingly leaving the land they’ve worked – many - for generations. The reasons they leave agriculture these days are diverse: sagging markets, succession challenges, urbanization and a very lucrative real estate market, and more. With their exodus from the industry, new owners who may have less interest in working lands are taking over: investors, developers, and others who may not see the land in the same way. Over time, the loss of farm and ranch land could endanger our ability to produce food and fiber locally, and negatively impact Idaho’s wildlife, water resources, open space, and more.

Join us on December 3rd to hear from informed local, regional, and national experts about what the loss of agricultural lands in urban and rural areas will mean to human and natural environments and how we can work together to keep them in production, working, for the benefit of people AND natural resources.

Panelist: Amos Eno, former Nixon/Ford Administration official in the Department of Interior, President of LandCan whose mission is to promote the protection of endangered species, farms, forests, wetlands, and other open spaces by empowering landowners to make smart, sustainable decisions about their land, and founder of multiple states’ and Idaho LandCAN, an online resource for landowners of available (state and local) resources to keep working lands working.

Panelist: Merrill Beyeler, former Idaho State Representative, working lands advocate, Lemhi Land Trust Board member, and rancher, Leadore

Panelist: Josie Erskine, Ada County Soil and Water Conservation District manager, working lands stewardship and preservation advocate, Peaceful Belly Farm, Caldwell

Forum Chair and Moderator - Teri Murrison


Registration Deadline - Friday, November 29th at 12:00 pm



December 3, 2019

Idaho’s Disappearing Farm and Ranch Lands: A Looming Crisis?

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